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Advantages of rapid prototyping

Advantages of rapid prototyping

The stages of the machining process for parts requiring higher quality or more complex features

June 12,2019.

For the parts which require higher quality or with more complex features, generally the whole process is divided into the following stages: (1) Roughing stage – The main task is to cut off most of the...

Prototyping - How to choose 3D printing or CNC?

October 9,2018.

When manufacturing prototypes to support product development, 3D printing prototyping and CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines are two prototyping processes that need to be considered, so...

How to reduce the thermal deformation elongation for CNC turning parts?

July 19,2018.

In CNC turning processing, due to the influence of the cutting heat, The workpiece is gradually elongated with the increasing of temperature, That is called " thermal deformation ". For the general si...

How to do the daily maintenance of CNC machine?

January 30,2018.

In the rapid prototyping manufacturing, Does the CNC machining achieve the goal of high processing precision, stable product quality and higher production efficiency? That depend not only the advanced...

How to control quality for prototypes during CNC machining process?

January 26,2018.

Machinists can not go away the machine during CNC machining process. They should always pay attention whether there is any abnormal situation in the processing, how is the quality of the workpiece, an...

How to save cost on CNC machining?

January 26,2018.

YOUDE always research best effective development and production process to meet customer’s expected. We have consulted with our experienced engineers and machinist to summed up on reducing the CNC mac...

Benefits of rapid prototyping technology

January 18,2018.

The rapid prototyping technology has combined with mechanical engineering, CAD, reverse engineering technology, layered manufacturing technology, numerical control technology, material science, laser ...

How to choose reasonable range of tolerances for your rapid prototyping product?

January 11,2018.

Do you konw how to choose reasonable range of tolerances for your prototype product? This problem is important for your prototypes. Hope this knowledge could help to you. The designer select tolerance...

Why the aluminum anodizing products are popular in the CNC Machining industry?

January 11,2018.

The biggest characteristic of aluminum Alloy is light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy forming, beautiful appearance, It is widely used in aircraft, machinery manufacturing, building ...

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