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Advantages of rapid prototyping

Advantages of rapid prototyping

3D printing rapid prototyping compare with CNC machining rapid prototyping

  • December 28,2017.

3D printing and CNC machining rapid prototyping are common tools for prototyping, so how do we take advantage of them?

3D printing and CNC machining rapid prototyping, as well as advantages and disadvantages:

1. material comparison

3D printing rapid prototyping: high material utilization, no waste, requirements for material;

CNC machining rapid prototyping: material utilization is not high, waste, but there are many kinds of materials can be processed;

2. machining contrast

3D printing rapid prototyping: can process all kinds of complex surfaces and special-shaped structures, one-time processing completed;

CNC machining rapid prototyping: complex parts need to be processed many times, need to split programming workload, late hand processing is also more complex;

3. cost comparison

3D printing rapid prototyping:

(1) With own driver software and manufacture it quickly, without professional training;

(2) Can be processing several parts one time without manual attention;

(3) the accuracy is not high, no machining error;

CNC machining rapid prototyping:

(1) professional programmers and professional operators are required;

(2) only one part can be machined at a time, and the labor cost is high;

(3) there will be operate errors or improper clamping.

After mastering 3D printing and CNC machining rapid prototyping comparison, it can be a very good understanding of the differences of them, in the actual application process, can be appropriate according to their own needs to choose what products to forming in what way, choose the right way, can reduce the cost of manufacture and the error rate of enterprises.