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Advantages of rapid prototyping

Advantages of rapid prototyping

Benefits of rapid prototyping technology

  • January 18,2018.

The rapid prototyping technology has combined with mechanical engineering, CAD, reverse engineering technology, layered manufacturing technology, numerical control technology, material science, laser technology as a whole . It can automatically and directly, quickly and accurately transform the designer’s idea into real prototypes , so It is a cost-efficiency way for make prototypes, verify the new design idea.

The benefits of rapid prototyping:

* * Greatly shortening the development cycle of new products and ensuring the time to market.

The manufacturing time of the prototypes is shortened several times or even dozens of times.

* * Increased the ability to make complex parts;

Complex prototypes can be manufacture directly become possible .

* * It can be obviously increase the success rate of new product production;

It can be found the design’s mistakes in time. Check and modify the problem as soon as possible.  And it will avoid the large amount of loss caused by changing the process.

* * support the implementation of the synchronous (parallel) project;

It make the design, communication and evaluation more visualized, And it can go head these work in parallel such as new product design, sample manufacturing, market order, production preparation, and other work.

* * support technical innovation and improve product appearance design;

It is beneficial to optimize product design, which is particularly important for industrial design.

* *Doubly reduce the cost of new products development.

It can be save the larger cost of manufacture mold, and It can be quickly realize single and small batch production. Then the new product time-to-market has advanced greatly and occupied the market quickly .

Rapid Prototyping technology can realize quickly manufacture new prototypes of any complex shape without any cutter, mold and fixture. The prototypes can be directly use for verify the new product design, function, appearance, engineering analysis, market order etc ,It is very conducive to optimize the product design, thus greatly improve the success rate of new product development, improve the market competitiveness of products, shorten the development cycle, reduce development costs. Rapid prototyping technology has been most used in manufacturing industry (up to 67%), That showed the rapid prototyping technology has a great role for improve the product design and manufacture.

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