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Tips of CNC machining

Tips of CNC machining

How to control quality for CNC machining process?

  • January 5,2018.

With the rapid development of market economy, The competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fiercely, Quality is important for an enterprise obviously.The level of product quality determines if the enterprise has the core-competitiveness; Improving the quality of products continually that could ensure the enterprises occupy the market, This is an importance means to continue as a going concern. Quality is the life of an enterprise . If any enterprise wants to survive and develop, it must strive to improve product quality, innovation and surpass continuously, and pursue higher goals.

Youde is a rapid prototyping company with 10 years of manufacturing experience, Quality is our core value. We have established strict quality assurance system and strict quality control process and system. The quality control can make the personnel of 3 aspects(designer, machinists and inspector) be coordinated and cooperation in quality management. How to control quality in CNC machining process? This is the focus which every manufacturer wants to learn and improve.

(1) Confirm the quality standard. Before processing, clearly understand customer drawings and specifications, check the tolerances and standard in details, this is the best way to understand the customer's parts function and purpose, then we can determine how to machining parts by our machinists, How to control the key points, how to ensure the high requirements.

(2) Make fully communication with the customer. confirm if the product has the special requirements? What is the end user for this product? How to check? Measuring tools?

(3) The inspectors check the product strictly follow the inspection procedures, analyze the quality problems in the production process on time and rapid intervention. Removing the hidden danger of quality problems and keeping the production stably.

(4) Establish a regular quality training system, train new knowledge of quality management for staff, and enhance quality consciousness, and standardize the behavior of each employee.

There is no eternal answer to quality management, But there is only the eternal problem, Quality management is a process to solve problem continuously and  standardized the process gradually. For the feedback from customers, YOUDE actively summarize and improve by any improvements chance, So the quality of our product  is stable and mature always.

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