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Tips of CNC machining

Tips of CNC machining

How to reduce the thermal deformation elongation for CNC turning parts?

  • July 19,2018.

In CNC turning processing, due to the influence of the cutting heat, The workpiece is gradually elongated with the increasing of temperature, That is called " thermal deformation ".

For the general size axis, This problem is not to be consider. But for the slightness axis, There must be consider the problem " thermal deformation ", Thermal deformation elongation of the slightness axis is very large. During turning processing, The one end of axis is nipped and another end is held, So the workpiece can’t be elongation, It can only bend itself. Once the slightness axis turn bend, The CNC turning is hard to be work.

YOUDE always research best effective development and production process to meet customer’s expected. Here are few way on reducing the thermal deformation for CNC turning parts as below.

1. Using elastic rotary tip to machining the slightness axis, It can be more compensated for the thermal deformation elongation of the workpiece. Then the workpiece is not easy to bend, and the CNC turning processing can be work smoothly.

2. Filling full cutting fluid during turning processing, no matter it is low speed cutting or high speed cutting, in order to reduce the thermal deformation caused by the workpiece temperature, it is necessary to add liquid to cut and cool sufficiently. Also it can improve the machining quality of the workpiece and extend the service life of the cutter.

3,Keep the cutter sharp to reduce the frictional heating between the cutter and the workpiece.

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