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Advantages of rapid prototyping

Advantages of rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping production method

  • December 28,2017.

CNC computer gongs (CNC processing centre): CNC can process some larger workpieces which the Maximum can reach 1800*900*600. And the cost relatively cheaper than SLA, that could to meet many types of rapid prototyping. The most widely used in the world at present, The plastic main materials are ABS, PC, PMMA, The metals main materials are aluminum and copper. CNC rapid prototyping advantage: good toughness, high tensile, low cost, wide selection of materials.

Complex mode (vacuum infusion): To producing silicone mold under vacuum condition by using the original sample, and PU material is used for pouring under vacuum condition, Then cloned the same as the original, than the original model of high temperature resistance, good hardness and strength. If the customer wants to do a few sets or dozens of sets that is suitable for using this method, This greatly reducing the cost.

The product sample of vacuum complex mode has shrunk a certain percentage, And the cost of vacuum copy product sample generally will be relatively lower than CNC, That mean is the price of CNC processing multiple sets of models is lower than that of CNC processing 1 sets of vacuum re mold CNC (except for the complex mode out of sample material with special requirements); Complex mode materials are : ordinary PU: brittle, ductile; transparent PU: raw material is good, but the price is the most expensive; Sillicon Rubber, 8400 soft rubber.

CNC Rapid Prototyping

SLA laser molding (SLA laser molding): SLA can save the labor cost, easy to program, but it is expensive machines, high cost, material brittleness, lack of toughness. The efficiency of one SLA is equivalent to the efficiency of three CNC. SLA has an advantage over CNC in small items. But that has not advantage for the larger workpieces. SLA can process workpieces with complex structure or precise points, with high accuracy and high speed of SLA. The tolerance can be controlled at + 0.05mm.

Fast mold: With simple mold making process, short production cycle, low cost of mold and other notable features, Especially suitable for small batch, multi species production and use. (the quantity of mold products is usually 50~5000 pieces) .