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Introductions of CNC machining

Introductions of CNC machining

The brief history of CNC machine

  • December 28,2017.

From 1952 up to now, CNC machine has gone five generations according to the development of control machine.

In 1959, Transistor components have been developed in the computer industry ,So the CNC system is widely used transistors and printed circuit board, and It entered the second generation.

In 1965, small scale integrated circuits were came out. It has small size and low power consumption, That was further improved the reliability of CNC system. The CNC system developed to the third generation.

The above three generation systems are all adopted hard wired numerical control systems of special control computers, we called hard wire systems, Also called as general CNC systems (NC).

With the development of computing technology, the price of small computers has dropped sharply and has shocked the market strongly. The CNC system manufacturers have realized to use a small computer to replace the dedicated control computer, and that is worthwhile in economy, Many functions can rely on programming special programs exist in the memory of computer, and construct “control software” and implement it, That have improved the system reliability and features. This kind of numerical control system is called the fourth generation system, as computer numerical control system (CNC).

However, The development of computer technology is rapidly, The United States company Intel developed and used a four bit microprocessor around 1970, Microprocessor chip penetrated into various industries, also NC technology without exception. We refer to the CNC system characterized by microprocessor technology called the fifth generation system (MNC).

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