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Surface treatment of rapid prototyping

Surface treatment of rapid prototyping

UV spraying -- surface treatment of rapid prototyping

  • December 28,2017.

UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet , UV paint is UV curing paint, it is also called light trigger paint.

The advantages and disadvantages of UV:

(1) high hardness, The highest hardness can reach 5 ~ 6H;

(2) Quick cure speed, high production efficiency, It can be cured in 30 minutes through UV cure;

(3) The coating performance is excellent, and the performance is very high in hardness, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt fog, gasoline and other solvents. Especially it is plump for its lacquer film, and the lustre is outstanding.

(4) The light curing processing of UV varnish is no pollution when it is painting paint, It is recognized as environmental protection products.

(5) UV coating is strict to the construction environment because it is sensitive to dust.

(6) It is easy to burst during the processing of spraying.

(7) it is easy to crack in the sunlight if it didn’t do the sun protection.

(8) It isn’t use UV glazing generally when the product appearance is required pure white because UV spraying product is easy yellowing after long time.

(9) The requirement of coating pretreatment is very high, Then the price is expensive.