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Introductions of CNC machining

Introductions of CNC machining

What is the machining accuracy? What does it include in three aspects?

  • December 28,2017.

The machining accuracy is the conformity between actual size, shape, position three geometric parameters of part surface and ideal geometric parameters of part drawing . The ideal geometric parameter is the average size. For the surface geometry, it is the absolute circle, cylinder, plane, cone and straight line. For the location of the surface, it is absolutely parallel, vertical, coaxial and symmetrical. The deviation value between the actual geometric parameters of the parts and the ideal geometric parameters is called the machining error.

Both machining accuracy and machining error are the terms for evaluating the geometric parameters of the machined surface. The machining accuracy is measured by the tolerance grade, the rank value is smaller, Then the accuracy is higher. The machining error indicate by numerical value, The numerical value is more bigger, then the value of the machining error is bigger. The machining accuracy is high, that is means the machining error is small, and vice versa.

The actual parameters obtained by any machining method are not absolutely accurate., if the machining error value within the tolerance range of part drawing according to the function of parts, it is considered that the machining accuracy is guaranteed.

The quality of the machine depends on the machining quality of the parts and the assembly quality of the machine. The quality of the parts includes two parts: the machining accuracy and the surface quality of the parts.

Machining accuracy refers to the conformity between actual geometric parameters and the ideal geometric parameters. The difference between of them is called machining error. The machining error value is big or small, It reflected the machining accuracy is high or low. If the machining error value is bigger, Then the machining accuracy is lower, and vice versa.

The machining accuracy includes three aspects:

(1)Dimensional accuracy, It refers to the conformity between the actual size and the tolerance zone center of the part size.

(2)Shape accuracy, It refers to the conformity between the actual geometric shape of the surface and the ideal geometry.

(3)Position accuracy, It refers to conformity between the actual position of the surface and ideal position.

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