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Principles of CNC Machining Sequence

Aug 23, 2019

CNC machining provides a high efficiency process with high quality, But If you do not make a correctly design and arrangement for the processing, it won’t be done well. If the processing is arranged wrongly, it may occur disorder and unreasonable problem. Youde is a professional rapid prototyping with over 10 years’ experience, configuring kinds of CNC machines. Though many year’s development, we have been summarized following tips, what are the principles for CNC machining sequence? Let’s share the knowledge to you on this blog. 

For the critical surface, the precise benchmark should be taking an adjustment before machining, so that to ensure the processing accuracy are met. 
After the precise benchmark is processed, then it is going on roughing, semi-finishing and finishing for the main surface with high precise requirement. the surface requiring higher precise even have to polishing.  
“Benchmark first”, The surface requiring high precision should be machined at the initial stage of process because the other surfaces are fixed position by it in the later process. 
When machining a precise benchmark surface, It is required to fix position by rough benchmark,  During single part, small batch even mass production, The part with more complex feature or larger size, as well as the workpiece with lager dimensional errors, It should be arranged to scribing process before mechanical processing, so that it will provide positive benchmark for precise benchmark.  
For the processes that are prone to waste, the finishing and polishing can be placed in the earlier processing, and the secondary surfaces can be placed in the late processing.

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