Plastic 3D Printing Service at YOUDE

3D Printing is one of the additive manufacturing technologies, it allows engineers and designers the ability to correct their designs quickly without wasting precious time and resources. when your products develop and manufacture in their early stages, this option can be an attractive alternative. We specialized in industrial grade solution for 3D Printing in low volume, among our customer are companies in automobile, medical device, electronic product, lighting, consumer product industries. We offer a wide range of 3D printing services to ensure that you always have the right solution for your project. 


3D Printing


What’s 3D Printing?

3D printing is a technology based on digital model files, which uses metal powder or plastic and other adhesive materials to construct objects layer by layer. It is also a new modeling technology involving CAD, CAM technology, data processing technology, material technology, CNC technology, test sensing technology and computer software technology.


3D Printing

Why 3D Printing

• With high material utilization,no waste material.
• With own driver software and manufacture in quick lead time.
• It can be processing several parts one time, no machining error.
• It can be processing all kinds of complex surfaces and special-shaped
• It can be verifying the rationality of product design early.

3D Printing

Materials Available for 3D Printing

The material selection including photosensitive resin, ABS, nylon, Paraffin and composite material, so that meet all kinds of testing and verification for you design.


3D Printing

Tolerance of 3D Printing


3D Printing can be meet most of your design requirement, such as smooth surface, complex geometry, small moving parts, good details, highlighted words and more. Here is the precision we can do.

The thinnest thickness: 0.8mm 
The tightest tolerance: +/-0.1mm 
Maximum Size of Manufacturing: 1700*800*600mm

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