Development Directions of CNC Machining in the Future

Dec 12, 2019

• Intelligent

Adaptive control techniques to be introduced, it benefits from automatically adjust the operating parameters according to changes in the cutting conditions, it is possible to obtain higher processing precision and smaller surface roughness, as well as improve the productivity of the tool life of the device. At the whole work processing, the system's automatic diagnosis and inspection are always in operation. Once a fault occurs, it immediately takes measures such as shutdown the system and wake up the fault alarm, sending the location and cause of the fault. The standby module can also be automatically replaced to meet the requirements of the unmanned working environment. In order to achieve higher fault diagnosis requirements, the development trend is to adopt the expert system of artificial intelligence.

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• High precision
The precision of automated CNC lathes pays more and more attention to the motion accuracy, thermal deformation and monitoring and compensation of vibration. In addition, the precision and speed are two important indicators of data processing center. It is directly related to processing efficiency and product quality. In the future, it will be improved mainly through the following ways:

Adopting ultra-large-scale integrated circuits and multi-microprocessor structures to improve the data processing capabilities of the system, as well as increasing the speed and accuracy of the interpolation operation. It also adopts detection device of high-resolution position to improve accuracy of position detection (Japan has developed an AC servo motor with a 106-pulse/rev built-in position detector, and its accuracy of position detection can reach 0.01 μm/pulse).


cnc machining stainless steel prototyping

The automatic CNC lathe adopts network to check and improve the precision of machining center. Through the simulation and predict the machining accuracy of the machine tool, the accuracy of positioning and repositioning are guaranteed at the machine tool, and the machining task is completed under different operating conditions and ensure the quality of the parts.

Using error compensation technology: the application of reverse clearance compensation, screw pitch error compensation and cutter error compensation technology etc. According to the research results, the equipment can be comprehensively compensated for thermal deformation error and spatial error, reducing 60%-80% of the machining error.

• Miniaturization control system 

The CNC system miniaturization is convenient to combine the machine and the electric device. At present, it mainly adopts ultra-large-scale components and multi-layer printed circuit boards, and adopts a three-dimensional installation method to enable high-density installation of electronic components, and greatly reduce the occupied space of the system. Using new Color LCD thin Display instead of traditional cathode ray tube will further miniaturize the numerical control operating system. Therefore, it can be easily installed on a machine tool and more convenient use for the machining center operation.

cnc machining stainless steel prototyping

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