What is rapid prototyping? Which industries can it be applied to?

17 Oct 2022

What is rapid prototyping? Rapid prototyping, as the name implies, uses additive or subtractive technology to quickly produce product models, sample models, and design models, and the faster the delivery time, the better. Although rapid prototyping, there are high demands on quality, tolerances, surface finish, or surface treatment techniques. To

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What is CNC machining?

04 Aug 2022

CNC machining is a very popular manufacturing technology in modern machinery manufacturing and parts manufacturing. This article will discuss the development history of CNC machining, the types of CNC machine tools, what CNC machining can do, how CNC programming, manufacturing technology, processing materials, tolerances and precision, processing c

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What are the advantages of CNC machining compared to traditional machining?

01 Aug 2022

CNC machining is a widely used machining technology in modern industrial manufacturing. It has gradually replaced the machining of ordinary machine tools. CNC machining is required in terms of manufacturing technology, precision, complex part shape, production efficiency, operation safety, and quality of manufactured parts. Comprehensively surpassi

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Advantages of vacuum casting in the medical industry

30 Sep 2021

New product development in the medical industry is inseparable from prototypes. Prototypes are the first step to verify the feasibility of products. Prototypes allow product designers to perfect the design before using injection molds.Vacuum casting is a common rapid prototyping process, and is ideal for high quality prototypes, function testing, a

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Introduction to the structure and characteristics of CNC Machining

12 Aug 2021

A CNC Machining is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system, which can make the machine tool move and process parts according to the programmed program. It integrates the latest technologies of machinery, automation, computer, measurement, microelectronics, etc., and uses a variety of sensors. The sensors used on CNC Mach

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