Silicone Mold Vacuum Casting Service

Vacuum Casting is a good way rapidly manufacture high quality plastic part in low volume production(10-1000pcs) with shorter lead time and lower cost. Cast parts stand up to a variety of specialty applications in demanding environments including the electronic, medical and lighting industries. We are pleased to provide you with an Instant Quote and fast turnaround for your next custom cast parts or vacuum casting project.


Vacuum Casting

Advantages of vacuum casting

Short lead time, low cost, low probability of processing failure. each mold can be used to cast for 20 or more copies with the look, feel and durability of finished products, it’s a good choice for producing low volume or prototypes rapidly. Greatly reduce the cost, cycle and risk of product development. It has the lowest unit cost of any rapid prototyping process.


What’s Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum Casting refer to clone a copy same as original pattern, it is poured by liquid urethane material and made silicone mold in vacuum state. Compared to injection molding, that the silicone mold is made quickly and relatively inexpensively.
Vacuum Casting


Vacuum Casting

Process of Vacuum Casting

The first step in the vacuum casting process is to create a master pattern, we normally use 3D printing or CNC Machining to create the master pattern for silicone molding, also you can provide the real sample as master pattern. 

The second step is to make silicone mold, the pattern is encased in quick-curing liquid silicone to form a cavity within the mold, which will be used to form the urethane part. After the mold cures, it is cut in half and the pattern is removed. The cavity formed by the master pattern is then used for casting the end product.

Then the third step is to casting copies, Pouring the liquid gum material into the empty cavity of silicon mold in vacuum state, once dried, the parts have finished. The mold is durable for approximately 20 copies.


Vacuum Casting

Materials Available for Vacuum Casting

Available for a wide range of materials selection, we can cast your parts in many grades of plastic material including PP, ABS, PC, Acrylic, POM, Rubber, Transparent Rubber etc.


Tolerance of Vacuum Casting

Due to the influence of expanding with heat and contracting with cold, the accuracy of vacuum casting is not easy to control, generally only at 0.2mm.

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