About Youde

Youde offers custom machining services in an ISO 9001 2015 certified environment specializing in low-volume manufacturing, including rapid prototyping, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Vacuum Casting, 3D Printing, Sheet Metal Fabrication and extensive secondary finishing operations. We employ a professional team and configure CNC 3-axis and 4-axis machining. in team of the quality supervision, we regulate all of our products according to advanced product quality planning strictly. At Youdu customer stay at our focus, We believe that by putting the customer first and providing excellent customer service the project in turn will be successful.

Our Mission

Be your partner, work out the best rapid prototype solutions to you, make people’s life better. That simple, ambitious, statement serves as the guiding vision for Youde and its employees.


Open, Fair, Honest, Truthfulness
Make and Keep Commitments
Adhere to the spirit and letter of the law



Lead by example and follow with the passion for excellence
Courage to innovate and shape our future
Measured risk-taking, innovative experimentation;
probing for opportunities
Engaged and productive

Team Work

Focus on customer success
Manage by objective and continuously measure results
Share our ideas and talents to achieve our best
Respectful of others
Continuous improvement

Work Life Balance

Safety First
Family Friendly
Environmental Friendly
Community Involvement
Personal and Professional Growth 

Our History

Youde was founded in March 2005, At the beginning , We have mainly run domestic business, focused on CNC machining services.


Foundation and Development

As years of development, our company has expanded our foreign business in 2009, We start to offer a variety of comprehensive services, including rapid CNC machining, silicone mold vacuum casting, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication etc, We strive to be a partner with our client, not just a supplier of prototyping, we have a good understanding of our customers expectations and we can closely monitor each project at every stage to ensure specifications are met, also we are always able to react flexibly to customer requests and to fulfill individual requirements at short notice.

Growing and Moving Factory

For the next few years the company maintained positive growth due to the premium quality services and professional manufacturer team. In 2015 Youde moved into a larger part of the building.


Rapid Growth

By 2019 the company rapid continued to grow because of recognition of the value of its services by the supplier, It continued to add new equipment and added capabilities striving to offer a true one-stop solution to global partner. Youde maintaining dedication to the highest quality and exploring every method to shorten turnaround times.

Quality System

Youde are ISO9001 2015 certified company, We strictly check and control the process from production, delivery until customer feedback with QC tool and testing equipment. The inspector strictly verify according to inspection procedures to ensure the product are made with exactly you ordered. Working in a ISO 9001 certified quality management system, our precise equipment and strict processes ensure us to provide high-quality prototypes for global client.

Work Shop

Our machines support 3-axis and 4-axis-indexed machining, as well as turning & milling, providing approach vectors from any angle to complex shapes. our advanced CNC machining center and skilled machinist can meet your demand perfectly. Youde serves both simple and complex parts with lot sizes ranging from a few to low-volume production.