Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

To be better serve our customer, YOUDE has a well-established team of partners to make parts to suit every manufacturing process. We offer a high quality and comprehensive sheet metal fabrication service to compliment every project. Our aim is to provide you with the fastest and most convenient manufacturing experience.
There are thousands of fabrication, machining, and prototyping companies worldwide of vastly differing capabilities. It is therefore important that you choose a competent and experienced partner who can provide you with solutions that meet your specific application and project needs.
Our engineers are involved with each project from day one. This ensures that we have a good understanding of our customers quality expectations and we can closely monitor each project at every stage to ensure specifications are met.
Wherever you are, you will find YOUDE ready to fulfill your expectations in term of responsiveness, price, lead time and quality.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

What’s Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet Metal Fabrication is a comprehensive cold working process for sheet metal (Typically thickness under 6mm), including shearing, punching-cutting-composite, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body) and so on, Its obvious characteristic in a part is that the thickness is same, Generally, Sheet metal can be plastically deformed by manual or die stamping, workpiece are machined through stamping, bending, drawing and other process so that can be formed the shape and size what you needs, as well as can be formed the more complex parts by welding or other mechanical process, Such as automobile shell, computer shell and iron furnace and more.


Materials Available for Sheet Metal Fabrication

There are many metal materials suitable for Fabrication. Here is the materials list of Sheet Metal Fabrication we can do.

•  Cold Rolled Sheet, SPCC
•  Hot Rolled sheet, SECC
•  Galvanized Sheet Metal
•  Steel
•  Stainless Steel
•  Aluminum
•  Copper
Sheet Metal Fabrication

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