About the advantages of Anodizing Aluminum

Jun 25, 2021

Everyone knows Anodizing Aluminum, but many people don't know what an anodized aluminum veneer is? What are its outstanding advantages in the market? In fact, the Anodizing Aluminum veneer is a specially processed aluminum profile product, which has its own unique advantages and characteristics compared to the aluminum veneer of other processing technology. 

The outstanding advantages of Anodizing Aluminum veneer are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Excellent performance:

The Anodizing Aluminum veneer with standard thickness oxide film (3um) can keep long-term color change without corrosion, oxidation and rust when used indoors. The anodized aluminum veneer with a thick oxide film (10um) is suitable for outdoor use, and can not change color under long-term exposure to sunlight.

2. Strong metallic sense:

The surface hardness of the Anodizing Aluminum veneer is high, reaching gem level, good scratch resistance, no paint coverage on the surface, retaining the metal color of the aluminum plate, highlighting the modern metallic feeling, and improving the product grade and added value.

3. High fire resistance:

The surface of the Anodizing Aluminum veneer is free of paint and any chemical substances, does not burn at 600 degrees, does not produce toxic gases, and meets national fire protection and environmental protection requirements.

4. Strong stain resistance:

Easy to clean, easy to maintain, no fingerprints, easy to clean, no corrosion spots.

5. Good processability:

The positive alumina veneer has strong decorative properties and moderate hardness. It can be easily bent and formed. Continuous high-speed stamping is convenient for direct processing into products without the need for complex surface treatment, which greatly shortens the product production cycle and reduces product production costs. .