Attracting the youth to manufacturing industry

Mar 13, 2020

Youde has always been happy to give back to the community. On, March 10, 2020, a group of eight graduates from Dongguang Vocational Technical Universities visited us to learn more about manufacturing in a high-tech environment. Combined with the central government's plan to encourage development in key industries, these young students and their peers are investigating many companies across the region, collecting individual and group reports, and submitting them as part of a university competition.


Jing Tan, Youde engineer introduced the characteristics of CNC machining to graduates:  fast turnround and high quality. Jing Tan introduces the value flow diagrams in the production process, which can reduce unnecessary or repetitive steps to achieve the fastest and most efficient way to manufacture parts. All the time, Youde has been committed to maintaining rapidly response by collecting data fed back into the system to continuously improve and simplify them.

Youde(cnc machining companies) emphasizes that quality built into every production process.This means that the entire value chain must be controlled, measured and validated. The quality control of each link is particularly important. The quality of each step can eliminate waste, save cost, so that provide customers best parts with fast turnround.


The graduates who visited Youde have joined programming and training of CNC machining operation, and they want to directly experience the knowledge needed to operate rapid prototyping and small batch production. we impressed much them by their curiosity and enthusiasm. They were also impressed by the modern equipment we using. We are always happy to share our work with the community and look forward to encouraging the next generation of manufacturers. Hope they have a bright future with manufacturing.