CNC machining equipment repair

Oct 03, 2020

1. Overview of CNC machining equipment

The CNC automatic processing machine is a high-efficiency large-scale automatic processing machine composed of CNC machine tools and CNC processing systems. With the development of world advanced machine tool manufacturing technology, the wide application of manufacturing technologies such as ultra-high-speed machine tool cutting and ultra-precision machine tool processing, the rapid development of flexible manufacturing systems and the continuous maturity of CNC computer integrated systems, the requirements for machine tool manufacturing technology are increasing. High, it puts forward higher requirements for modern CNC machine tool manufacturing technology.

2. Maintenance of CNC processing equipment

(1) Maintenance principles

In the new era, enterprises have higher and higher technical requirements for the production of CNC composite processing control equipment, and the types of CNC composite processing control equipment are also diversified. For example, five-axis linkage machining control center, turning milling and grinding compound machining control center, turning milling compound grinding, turning milling compound machining control center, and gear grinding processing linkage compound control center. The external operating system and internal structural units of different processing equipment are also different. Therefore, the maintenance and management of different CNC machining equipment should proceed from the actual situation and formulate corresponding equipment maintenance management measures to promote the long-term normal operation of CNC machining equipment.

(2) Maintenance method

Nowadays, in CNC processing enterprises, whether it is large or small CNC processing machinery and equipment, there is a common problem of irregular operation, resulting in a sharp decline in the actual service life of the processing equipment. It is very important for operators to operate CNC equipment in accordance with the specified operating procedures of the enterprise. It is not advisable for enterprise operators to operate the equipment according to their own wishes and convenience. Therefore, we require professional and technical personnel responsible for operation to strictly abide by the CNC operating procedures , Improve professional and technical literacy. In the actual maintenance and management of CNC machining equipment, it is not difficult to find that the large-scale CNC machining equipment of most companies is caused by some dust and metal foreign bodies in the machining process directly entering the structure of some mechanical parts, resulting in serious internal structure of the parts. Wear and tear, and long-term accumulation of dust in the circuit system will cause the control circuit to fail to work or to short-circuit. In the long-term maintenance and management process of CNC machinery and equipment, it can be found that the gear rotation and the mechanical spindle are inaccurate due to serious safety factors such as high working temperature of the mechanical system and excessive motor erosion. Based on the above factors, the main solution for the maintenance and management of the company’s CNC machining equipment is to clean the inside of the equipment every day before and after the machine and equipment start to work, regularly check for faults, and regularly add lubricating oil to the lubrication parts, Important parts with serious losses should be replaced in time. In short, multi-functional cleaning and more maintenance can ensure its normal operation and prolong its service life. To this end, enterprise operators should also regularly repair it to ensure that it will not malfunction during use and ensure that the performance of each component is stable.