Common Sheet Metal Fabrication connection method

Nov 23, 2020

The quality of Sheet Metal Fabrication is not only related to the equipment, but also to the experience of the operators and the production of the process sequence. It is very important to choose a reasonable Sheet Metal Fabrication connection method.

Sheet Metal Fabrication_Common Sheet Metal Fabrication connection method

1. Rivet riveting

This kind of rivet is often called a pull rivet, and two plates are riveted together through a pull rivet.

2. Hole riveting

One of the parts is a tapping hole, and the other part is a counterbore. After riveting the mold, it becomes an indispensable joint body. Superiority: The tapping hole and the counterbore matching with it have a positioning function. The bonding strength is high, and the efficiency of riveting through the mold is relatively high.
Fabrication connection method

3.TOX riveting

After a simple punch, the connecting piece will be pressed into the die. Under the effect of further pressure, the data in the die will "live" outwards. The result is a circular junction point that is neither sharp nor burr, and does not It will affect its corrosion resistance. Even the plate parts with a plating or spray paint layer on the surface can retain the original anti-rust and anti-corrosion characteristics, because the plating and paint layers are also deformed together. The material is squeezed to both ends and squeezed in In the plate on the side of the die, the TOX connecting dot is formed.