How to become an excellent CNC machining operator

Jul 09, 2021

CNC machining masters should be humble, rigorous, calm, careful thinking, methodical and independent.

1. The processing of some large parts, not only has a lot of processing content, but also the conversion of three-dimensional coordinates in space. The calculation of the processing trajectory is very complicated and difficult to determine. If the problem is not considered meticulously and comprehensively, and the calculation is not accurate, the program modification becomes more chaotic when debugging, and the probability of error is greater.

2. The part debugging process is a process of multi-person cooperation, including operators, inspectors, fixture design, fixture assembly personnel, etc. When problems arise, you should consult them more, do more experiments, and avoid making arbitrary conclusions.

3. The work of the CNC machine tool is controlled by instructions. When debugging, you must be very clear about the track of the machine tool before pressing the "Start" button. Be rigorous and meticulous, and never let the machine tool move first.

4. When there is a problem during debugging and processing, please calm down and never panic, and then misoperation occurs.

5. When the parts are unqualified for many times during debugging, the analysis must be organized, and the responsibility must be based on basis.

6. A craftsperson always has limitations in technical ability due to environmental constraints. Coupled with the rapid development of technology, there is always room for improvement.