Introduction of some knowledge about CNC machining

Jul 09, 2021

CNC machining is a very common processing method, but many people don't know what to pay attention to when CNC machining.

1. The effect on cutting temperature: cutting speed, feed rate, and back-cutting amount.

Impact on cutting force: back-cutting amount, feed rate, cutting speed.

The impact on tool durability: cutting speed, feed rate, back-grabbing amount.

2. When the amount of back-grabbing is doubled, the cutting force doubles.

When the feed rate is doubled, the cutting force increases by approximately 70%.

When the cutting speed doubles, the cutting force gradually decreases.

3. The cutting force can be judged according to the discharge of iron filings, and whether the cutting temperature is within the normal range

4. When the measured actual value X and the drawing diameter Y are greater than 0.8 when the concave arc is turned, the turning tool with a secondary deflection angle of 52 degrees may wipe the tool at the starting point of the turning tool.

5. The temperature represented by the color of iron filings: white is less than 200 degrees, yellow is 220-240 degrees, dark blue is 290 degrees, blue is 320-350 degrees, purple and black are greater than 500 degrees, and red is greater than 800 degrees.