Introduction to the characteristics of CNC Machining

Aug 12, 2021

The main mechanism of CNC Machining has the following characteristics:

1. Due to the high-performance continuously variable spindle and servo drive system, the limit transmission structure of the CNC Machining is greatly simplified, and the transmission chain is also greatly shortened;

2. In order to adapt to continuous automatic processing and improve processing productivity, the mechanical structure of CNC Machining has high static and dynamic stiffness and damping accuracy, as well as high wear resistance, and small thermal deformation;

3. In order to reduce friction, eliminate transmission gap and obtain higher processing accuracy, more efficient transmission components are used, such as ball screw pairs and rolling guides, anti-backlash gear transmission pairs, etc.;

4. In order to improve working conditions, reduce auxiliary time, improve operability, and increase labor productivity, auxiliary devices such as automatic tool clamping devices, tool magazines, automatic tool changers, and automatic chip removal devices are used.