Introduction to the principle of 3D printing

Jul 09, 2021

3D printing is an emerging technology, but many people do not understand the working principle of 3D printing.

Under the guidance of the design document instructions, the 3D printer first ejects solid powder or molten liquid material to solidify it into a special flat thin layer. After the first layer is cured, the 3D printer print head returns to form another thin layer outside the first layer. After the second layer is cured, the print head returns again and forms another thin layer outside the second layer.

So reciprocating, eventually the thin layer accumulates into a three-dimensional object. Unlike traditional manufacturing machines, which use cutting or moulding to create objects, 3D printers expand the scope of digital concepts from a physical point of view by stacking layers to form physical objects.

3D printers are the preferred processing equipment for the precise shape design of internal recesses or interlocking parts, which can implement such designs in the physical world. Due to the high printing accuracy, the quality of the printed model is naturally good. In addition to showing the design on the contour curve, the structure and moving parts are also not a problem.