Introduction to the structure and characteristics of CNC Machining

Aug 12, 2021

A CNC Machining is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system, which can make the machine tool move and process parts according to the programmed program.

It integrates the latest technologies of machinery, automation, computer, measurement, microelectronics, etc., and uses a variety of sensors. The sensors used on CNC Machining mainly include photoelectric encoders, linear gratings, proximity switches, temperature sensors, Hall sensors, and current Sensors, voltage sensors, pressure sensors, liquid level sensors, resolvers, induction synchronizers, speed sensors, etc., are mainly used to detect position, linear and angular displacement, speed, pressure, temperature, etc.

Different types of CNC Machining have different requirements for sensors. Generally speaking, large-scale machine tools require high speed response, and medium-sized and high-precision CNC Machining require precision.