Introduction to the use of 3D printing

Jul 09, 2021

Engineering manufacturing. In terms of engineering manufacturing, on the one hand, it is used in the production of important parts and components for high-end manufacturing such as national defense, military, aerospace, etc. These components have high production requirements, which are often not achieved by traditional processes or even if they are achieved, but the cost is too high; Engineering manufacturing of small batches or single product production.

Civilian development. In terms of civilian development, it has brought profound changes in manufacturing processes while reducing labor costs. 3D printing technology is hailed as the core technology of the "third industrial revolution".

achitechive. It has also achieved remarkable results in the construction industry. The potential of 3D printing is far more than just producing DIY household items. In fact, this technology can even completely subvert the traditional construction industry. Compared with the traditional construction industry, 3D printed buildings not only have reliable quality of building materials, but also save 30%-60% of building materials, shorten the construction period by 50%-70%, and reduce labor by 50%-80%... According to calculations, printing can at least be Reduce construction costs by more than 50% and make houses more affordable for more people.