Some knowledge about Anodizing Aluminum

Jun 25, 2021

Why do we need to surface treatment for  Aluminum

As we all know, when aluminum is exposed to the air, an oxide film will naturally form on its surface, but this oxide film is very thin, and its corrosion resistance and hardness cannot meet the special requirements, so it cannot be treated without special treatment. The aluminum plates are used in the fields of indoor and outdoor buildings, household appliances panels, etc., which require high corrosion resistance and hardness. Therefore, the demand for products has promoted the birth of anodized aluminum plates. With the coil anodizing surface treatment process, manufacturers can produce anodized aluminum plates with higher corrosion resistance, and customers can choose to apply aluminum plates to more fields, more occasions, and more environments.

What is Anodizing Aluminum

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that can form a solid ceramic layer on the surface of aluminum. Under the microscope, this solid ceramic layer presents a hexagonal prism with a solid and stable structure, corrosion resistance and UV resistance. In the oxidation process, the surface of the aluminum metal forming the anode is oxidized, and a thick and fine aluminum oxide protective film (aluminum oxide AL2O3) is grown on the aluminum surface. This oxide film is not an additional layer. This oxide film is It grows firmly on the aluminum surface and will never fall off. The oxide film is a layer of transparent material, which can improve the weather resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness of aluminum, while retaining its metallic luster. This is the incomparable appearance effect of the fluorocarbon coating board, and it is also anodized. One of the advantages of aluminum plate.