The Advantage Of 3D Printing Prototyping

Dec 15, 2019

The advantage of 3D printing technology is that it’s able to modify design quickly. When developing and manufacturing products in their early stages, 3D printing is the good option for you.      

3D printing allows engineers and designers the ability to quickly detect and change design errors, not only increase productivity but also reduce development costs. Compared with traditional mold development, as well as complex processes such as forming and casting, it simplifies the intermediate links and shortens the development cycle. Compared with the development cycle of the traditional process for making molds, the 3D printing is greatly shortened.

3d printing prototyping
Comparison to CNC Machining 
Due to the limitation of CNC machining process, the part with a structural height exceeding 100mm have to be disassembled, Generally, The shell will be disassembled into 5-8 pieces. Since the diameter of the CNC machining tool cannot be too thin, as well as the length of tool cannot be too long, the workpiece is repeatedly positioned and clamped. So, the accuracy relies heavily on the processing experience of the machinist and also the structural strength is poor.

Comparison to Conventional Manufacturing 
Conventional production is built on a production line, Large-size automotive parts need to be assembled manually. The more parts of the product, the more time and labor costs it takes. 3D printing is integrated and does not require assembly, shortening the supply chain, saving labor and transportation costs, and the shorter the supply chain, the less pollution. Not only waste the time and labor by the traditional manufacturing process but also limit the design by process, Falling into the situation of compromise between innovative and process, For example, in a complicated automobile shell manufacturing process, there are many grooves and snap-type structures inside, and the hand-made parts are difficult to mold and are expensive, The cost is high and the technical requirements for the operators are high.

By using 3D printing technology to complete the processing in a layer-by-layer manner, the three-dimensional complex irregular curved surface and hollow profiled structure of the automobile shell are transformed into a simple planar structure for molding, which breaks through the barrier of the conventional processing technology and can be formed at one time. In comparison, it is more advantageous. The more complex housing can also be integrated, compared to the traditional manufacturing, the cost of the research and development is reduced by up to 95%. The cycle of development is also shorter than the traditional manufacturing.

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