The carbon fiber part cnc machining has high quality and high precision.Carbon fiber is a kind of high-strength and high-modulus fiber made of acrylic fiber and viscose fiber as raw materials with carbon content of more than 90%. Its high temperature resistance is the best among all chemical fibers, and it is an excellent material for manufacturing high-tech equipment such as aerospace and aviation.

carbon fiber part cnc machining

carbon fiber part cnc machining

Properties of Carbon fiber:

•High temperature resistance.
• Friction resistance .
• Electrical conductivity.
• Heat conduction .
• Corrosion resistance.

The main purpose of carbon fiber is to composite with resin, metal, ceramics and carbon as a reinforcing material to make advanced composite materials. Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite material has the highest specific strength and specific modulus among existing engineering materials.

• Sports equipment
• Textile industry
• Chemical machinery
• Medical field
• Aerospace industry

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