The Polyformaldehyde in the Polyformaldehyde plastic prototypes is a linear polymer with no side chains, high density and high crystallinity. According to the different chemical structure in the molecular chain, it can be divided into two types: homopolyoxymethylene and copolyoxymethylene.Polyoxymethylene is a hard and dense thermoplastic crystalline polymer material with a smooth, shiny surface. It is another engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive properties after polyamide. It has high mechanical properties, such as strength abrasion resistance, toughness, fatigue resistance and creep resistance. It also has excellent electrical insulation, solvent resistance and processability, and is one of the five general engineering plastics.

Properties of Polyformaldehyde
Good fatigue resistance
Good abrasion resistance
Good dimensional stability
Good flexibility
Excellent friction performance
Excellent electrical insulation
Low water absorption
The surface has high hardness and good rigidity.

●Architecture and Construction
●Automotive and Transportation
●Medical instruments
●Energy and Heavy Industries
●Sports equipment


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