Steel can be described as an alloy of carbon, iron, and other metals and non-metals. In order to achieve the properties you desire, the composition of the steel is then adjusted precisely. as a metal, steel is characterized as being strong; fatigue, impact, and creep resistant; electrically and thermally conductive; heavy; temperature resistant; and fairly hard as compared with other materials such as wood, polymers, or ceramics. because the metal combines a relatively low production cost, as well as providing high strengths, steel is now used as structural material in countless fields. 

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Application of Steel:

Steel(CNC mahining steel part) accounts or about 75 percent of a typical household appliance. As a matter of fact, steel can be found in appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, sinks, washing machines, microwaves, cutlery, and many others. steel is being used to add strength and durability to the things that we use in our everyday lives, here are the applications of steel in different industries.

    • Architecture and Construction
    • Automotive and Transportation
    • Medica device
    • Energy and Heavy Industries
    • Household appliance




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