Some knowledge about Anodizing Aluminum

25 Jun 2021

Why do we need to surface treatment for  Aluminum As we all know, when aluminum is exposed to the air, an oxide film will naturally form on its surface, but this oxide film is very thin, and its corrosion resistance and hardness cannot meet the special requirements, so it cannot be treated without special treatment. The aluminum plates are

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4 Advantages to Choose Sheet Metal Fabrication

23 Apr 2021

  Sheet metal fabrication is an excellent choice for manufacturing robust functional parts, such as panels, brackets, and enclosures. This article briefly introduces the four advantages of choosing sheet metal fabrication. Economy Sheet metal fabrication means that it’s not necessary to create casting mold tools or other co

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Reasons to choose CNC Machining

09 Apr 2021

Why choose CNC Machining? This article goes over the Reasons to Choose CNC Machining: Machining speed is fast : Digital manufacturing of modern CNC machine tools has become one of the fastest and most reliable methods for metal and hard plastic processing. The raw materials can be processed into finished products in just a few minutes.

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The Best Materials Used In Medicine

02 Apr 2021

The Best Materials Used in Medicine Prototyping is essential to the development and commercialization of medicals devices. Different medical prototypes have different requirements for materials. As a manufacturer of rigid equipment used in medical products or healthcare environments, it is important not only to carefull about materials you select

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Common anti-corrosion methods for rapid sheet metal fabrication

29 Mar 2021

Rapid sheet metal fabrication is the core of sheet metal technology grasping hub technology, and it is a very important process in sheet metal product forming. Rapid sheet metal fabrication methods include cutting, blanking, bending and pressing, etc., as well as various cold stamping die structures and various equipment manipulation methods. W

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