What are the main application areas of sheet metal for rapid sheet metal fabrication plants?

29 Mar 2021

   Sheet metal is a processing technology, sheet metal has not yet had a relatively complete definition. According to a definition in a foreign professional journal, it can be defined as: sheet metal is a comprehensive cold working process for sheet metal (usually below 6mm), including shearing, punching/cutting/compounding, folding, rive

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Why Anodizing Aluminum?

19 Mar 2021

What's The Anodizing? Anodizing is an electrochemical process that changes the surface of metal prototypes or parts. The oxide layer formed on the metal surface can improve corrosion resistance, improve aesthetics and prevent the surface from being scratched. It is an extremely durable post-treatment method. How Is Aluminum Anodized?

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Introducing Sheet Metal Fabrication for you

18 Nov 2020

 In fact, Sheet Metal Fabrication can also be commonly referred to as sheet metal processing. The specific application examples in daily life are mainly: using sheet metal to make some commonly used appliances in life: chimneys, iron barrels, oil tanks and oil cans. For objects, the main processes of Sheet Metal Fabrication are cutting, ri

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Common Sheet Metal Fabrication connection method

23 Nov 2020

The quality of Sheet Metal Fabrication is not only related to the equipment, but also to the experience of the operators and the production of the process sequence. It is very important to choose a reasonable Sheet Metal Fabrication connection method. Sheet Metal Fabrication_Common Sheet Metal Fabrication connection method 1. Rivet riveting

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CNC machining equipment repair

03 Oct 2020

1. Overview of CNC machining equipment The CNC automatic processing machine is a high-efficiency large-scale automatic processing machine composed of CNC machine tools and CNC processing systems. With the development of world advanced machine tool manufacturing technology, the wide application of manufacturing technologies such as ultra-high-spe

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